> House on Limekiln Line
> Limekiln Grid
> Nathan Phillips Square
> Dublin Grounds of Remembrance
> Peripheral Sitings
> Topophilia
> Clouds, Vortices & Plumes
> Exothermic Landscape
> Drawing Energy 1
> Drawing Energy 2
> Drawing Energy 3
> Fill, Flow, Track on the Isle of Rum
> Digital Ecologies: Contamination

> Retooling Cockenzie Power Station
> Sand, Silt, Salt, Water
> Streamlining Models
> Streamlined Models
> Thermal Plumes


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Ontological Models | Ongoing Research | 2014-present
Historian of Science D. Graham Burnett describes the capacity for some scientific models to "allow for the revealing, touching, tweaking, or accessing of... the actual forces and stuff at issue" (306090 Models).These 'ontological' models are more closely aligned with their targets in the natural world. A series of physical models heighten visibility of natural processes such as erosion, sedimentation, and tidal exchange, allowing them to play a more generative role in the design of remediative landscapes.